As Panthera Africa pursues animal welfare we are proud to offer the following credible services to implement the change we envision and propel:

Motivational Talks | Panthera Africa

Motivational Talks

Corporates, youth groups and schools

Conservation, inspiration, education, business-based or tailor-made packages. Kindly enquire. From children to teenagers and adults we share the magic to empower yourself to live your dreams, ignite your passion and conquer the fears holding you back. The ordinary person appears at times to be an empty vessel occasionally searching for meaning and understanding in life and work. We hold deep within us a purpose to serve the greater good. Respect, love, kindness, compassion and selfless giving are the cornerstones of being successful on your life journey.

Educational packages for schools

Educational packages for schools

We agree with Nelson Mandela saying that “Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world”. As soon as we have funding in place, we will build an Education Centre where various interactive teaching aids, talks and activities will be implemented into the school curriculum. By creating new thought patterns and engaging the youth on a holistic manner we can empower them to think globally about conservation and to become active and responsible citizens. By uniting schools from all over the world, we enable new stories to be told, dreams to be created and human consciousness to rise further. School visits will happily be arranged. Kindly enquire, and let’s unite for a brighter future.

Educational packages for schools

Our Community Project - The Pebbles Project

We are proud to be in cooperation with The Pebbles project, who share our vision around the importance of education and the holistic approach to a brighter tomorrow! The Pebbles Project works with children and families in the Winelands farming communities in the Western Cape and focusses on the entire life of the child and the challenging circumstances in which they live in order to make a significant and lasting difference. The children are regularly coming to join our educational visits, and our volunteers have the opportunity to visit the project and engage with the children for a lasting educational impact. To read more: The Pebbles Project

Educational packages for schools

Big Cat Facilities

We offer practical tips, guidelines and advice in the process of re-engineering all spheres of your facility by incorporating ethical business practices. This could be financial restructuring, rethinking your mission statement and the role you wish to play in developing a global conservation network.

Panthera Africa can arrange an orchestrated visit with a specialised veterinarian who will conduct an overall assessment of the individual animals and implement services which may include contraceptives, sterilising and vasectomising.

Organisation and involvement in all aspects for animal rescue missions.

Specialised advice linked to the set-up of feeding plans and routines, in addition to implementation of an enrichment program for the various big cats.

Design and layout of enclosures based on animal welfare and behaviour.

Panthera Africa will come to your facility, feel free to enquire.

Animal Communication

Animal Communication

Animals communicate regularly through telepathy which is the most basic form of communication. It’s an ability we are all born with. As humans we learn to rely on verbal communication only and our telepathic skills are pushed aside. But, when humans are given the proper mindset and training we have the ability to communicate telepathically with all species. It is a form of distant communication that does not require being in each other’s presence. Telepathic animal communication is natural; everyone can talk with animals!

  • Animal communication before, during and after animal rescues and relocations
  • Beneficial to domestic and wild animals
  • Missing and lost animal work
  • Animal behaviour queries
  • Presentation of certified animal communication workshops

Human versus wildlife conflict

Our team is very willing to assist with relocating animals that are caught in traps and cages. We have some very successful stories with happy endings for both human and wild animal. Cape Nature is involved in the process and at all times we follow their guidance, advice and final approval. A nominal fee is charged and will depend on the situation and action needed to be taken. Assistance and advice is a phone call away!

Currently we are conducting research involving the use of lion faeces for farmers in keeping away animals that threaten their livestock/business. We gather the faeces when cleaning enclosures and package the faeces which can be collected from us. Lion faeces can be placed around greenhouses, property borders or near livestock. This a natural and alternative way in which one can prevent human versus wildlife conflict. Contact us for more information.

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