Canned Hunting

Canned hunting:

Canned hunting is where the target animal is unfairly prevented from escaping the hunter, either by physical constraints (fencing) or by mental constraints (tame, habituated to humans) - Campaign Against Canned Hunting (CACH)

tiger & lion bone tradeTiger and lion bone trade:

Tiger and lion bone trade is the illegal poaching and/or legal breeding of these species to be killed for body parts which are used in Asian traditional medicine. The multibillion-dollar business of buying and selling articles such as fur and bones of protected wildlife, is one of the largest sources of criminal earnings, second to arms smuggling and drug trafficking.


Stop Cub Petting

canned hunting and tiger / lion bone trade

Cub Petting

One of Panthera Africa's main purposes is to create awareness around the canned hunting industry, and be part of the solution to the thousands of captive lions being exploited at the many cub-petting, breeding and hunting farms all around South Africa. Did you know that the cubs get torn away from the mother so she is left to breed again, whilst the cubs get hand reared for the tourism and hunting industry? The adorable cubs are used as a marketing tool all over the world to attract thousands of tourists and volunteers to interact with them, in order to make them tame to be easily hunted as an adult - either for a trophy or for its body parts. The price to shoot a tame lion and claim its head as a trophy is up to R350.000, which is paid by the many Americans (contributes to over 50% of the lions killed), Europeans and Asians visiting South Africa.


Cub petting breeding Farms

Breeding Farms in South Africa

The 174 South African breeding farms, housing around 8 000 captive born lions, argue that they are conserving the wild lion population by letting hunters shoot a captive-bred lion rather than exploiting the endangered wild populations. But the numbers speak for themselves as the wild lion population has decreased by over 80% over the last 20 years leaving less than 20 000 lions in the wild.


Pettitions against canned hunting

 Petitions for protection of wildlife

With petitions being handed in to governments all around the world to establish strict laws and regulations for animal welfare, there will hopefully come an end to these unethical actions in the near future. And when the laws finally change, Panthera Africa will be safe havens for these lions and tigers, where they can prosper for the rest of their lives under the African sun.


Panthera Africa will secure a prosperous future for lions and other big cats, and give them the opportunity to live the life they are meant for. "

Panthera Leo Africa

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