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From a dream to a reality!!

Your calling is something that moves you like nothing else in life. It's something you're attracted to, something you're passionate about, and it fills you with joy and sets your heart on fire when you do it!"

Co Founder Lizaene Cornwall

While providing, managing and working closely with eight different species of predators, I observed and experienced each species' uniqueness and capabilities, and realised that protecting and caring for big cats is my calling in life. The foundation for Panthera Africa was laid, and the desire to rescue and care for the big cats in need powered my already big love, passion and admiration for them!

My eagerness to educate myself led me to learn about the truth about captive breeding, exploitation of big cats and illegal wildlife trade. Through my story and amazing connection with my ambassador animals, I aim to reach the hearts of thousands so everyone can understand how amazing these animals are, and that they should be respected and protected.

Lizaene Cornwall


Founders: Cathrine S. Nyquist & Lizaene Cornwall

Co Founder Cathrine S. Nyquist – AKA Cat

My journey

I used to be one of those typical business ladies with a degree in business and finance, climbing the career ladder, enjoying the jet set life with wining and dining, and having the freedom to travel the world. In September 2011 I was going to start what I was sure was my dream job – a broker in the most up and coming commercial real estate company in Oslo. Two weeks before start up, I sat on a plane to South Africa and was going to volunteer at a breeding project. Little did I know that this choice was going to change my life in every possible way.

After two additional trips to the project, I permanently moved to South Africa in May 2012, and started to assist Lizaene with all her tasks. My days were quickly filled with lots of work and the best thing of all – a lot of indescribable animal time. I was living in a magical world, falling in love every single day with three small furry friends that captured my heart and soul. Little did I know that one of the lions I fell in love with was going away to a breeding and trading farm, and the thought of this place's possible connection with the canned hunting industry tore my world apart. However hard this separation was, I am grateful for the fire this little lion started inside of me, - to save him and all the other lions that are a part of this unethical industry.

Now, 2 years later, here I am starting my own project and following my dream of saving the big cats. I feel truly blessed to have found my purpose in life, and that I can now make use of my experience from the business world to do what I have dreamt of for so long – uniting for the survival of the lions that have stolen my heart and soul.

Cathrine S. Nyquist – AKA Cat

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