Vision, Mission & Values

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Our Vision

A world where people, animals and nature
are equally respected and acknowledged
through kindness, compassion, generosity and unconditional love

Our Mission

Panthera Africa is a sanctuary for Big Cats and people.
We create a secure, safe and prosperous home for captive Big Cats and raise awarness about ethical and holistic animal treatment.

This we do through:

  • educational visits and programs
  • volunteer program
  • educational and inspirational presentations
  • connecting people with themselves through being with animals and nature

Our Values

We care

  • Respectful towards each other and the animals and nature
  • Are inclusive
  • Take responsibility
  • With unconditional love

We are open minded

  • Inspire and motivate each other
  • Accept each other without judgement
  • Practice spirituality; meditation & animal communications

We are creative

  • Find solutions
  • Take actions and make things happen!
  • Constantly strive for improvement and new ideas
  • Do everything with excitement

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